Real Madrid contemplating a £70m bid for Gareth Bale

Sources report that Real Madrid are getting ready with an almost ridiculous £70 million offer to sign Welsh winger, Gareth Bale.

Gareth Bale, currently 23, has been the target of many giant clubs hoping to prise him away from White Hart Lane. The winger has been on top his game for Tottenham this season and with the  mammoth deals that clubs are ready to offer him, the club might find it difficult to keep the star.


Former Real Madrid club President, Ramon Calderon has said “It’s true we have spent a lot of money in the last three or four years but we are in a position to pay the money they are going to ask for.”  He said the club is in an economically stable situation and is in a position to offer a large sum to sign Bale.

He went on to say, “I’m sure it will be a high amount of money because he is a fantastic player. A lot of clubs would like to have him. He is one of those players you would always like to have in your team.”

Real Madrid had previously signed Luka Modric for £35 million from Tottenham, only for him ending up becoming one of the worst signings by the Spanish side. For Spurs, the possibility or getting £70 million for a player would be very hard to turn down, but that would mean losing one of the club’s biggest assets.

If Real Madrid are successful in bringing Bale to the Bernabeu, then one would wonder what will happen to the likes of Ronaldo. The possibility of Ronaldo leaving the Galacticos is what probably prompted Ream Madrid to consider the £70 million offer for Bale.


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