Cristiano Ronaldo on the brink of transfer worth £55 million?


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is open for a move to England with Mourinho’s impending exit and his former team Manchester United are working on a unique yet complex deal that will shape the transfers of big signings.

Sir Alex Ferguson played a major part in making the Portuguese player a global star and Ronaldo has great respect for him. After spending some time at Real Madrid, Ronaldo, 28, is now ready for a surprising return back at United.

Ronaldo didn’t like the reception in Spain and is reportedly unsettled. According to him, people in Spain are big Messi fans and favour the Argentine.

With Jose Mourinho destined to leave the club in the summer, the player could follow his manager. PSG are also linked with the star player as they are hoping for the double swoop of Mourinho and Ronaldo. However, United seems the most likely destination for the attacker.

United sold Ronaldo to Madrid for £80m in 2009. The only problem with the transfer is that Ronaldo’s massive £220,000-a-week wage would be difficult to match and stay within the new UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations, which come into force next season.

Ronaldo could agree for a certain wage and then sign a separate endorsement package with the club’s sponsors. New club sponsors Chevrolet are ready to make Ronaldo their global ambassador to assist in bringing him back to Old Trafford.

However, the £370m seven-year sponsorship deal is not due to start until 2014 and reports say that United are planning to cut out Aon a year earlier in order to help the transfer of the global icon.

Should the transfer be successful, it would enable Ronaldo and GM to tie up an individual endorsement deal with the player to ease through one of the biggest transfers in history.

Source: Daily Star


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