Baros returns to Czech First League

Prague, Feb 19 (IANS) Czech striker Milan Baros returns to the Czech First League Banik Ostrava after leaving Galatasaray Istanbul.

Baros, who has agreed on a one-year contract until the summer of 2014 with Banik, last week discussed with Istanbul to terminate his contract earlier, and he was finally free on Monday. He will play for Banik against Ceske Budejovice Saturday, reports Xinhua.

Baros has a contract of 20,000 crowns (about $1000) per month plus bonuses according to the A-team pay schemes, which is equal to his three-day payment in Istanbul. But his entire remuneration will go to the Banik Top Class new project of youth training, Banik Ostrava board chairman Petr Safarcik said.

“It would be strange if I took pay here as I donated one million crowns to the club in October. I have come to help the club and not only on the pitch,” said Baros.

Baros played 93 matches with the Czech side and scored 41 international goals. He has been the second best scorer of the Czech side after Jan Koller, who scored 55 goals.

He started his professional career in Banik Ostrava (1993-2001), then transferred to FC Liverpool (2001-05) and Aston Villa (2005- 2007). He was playing for Galatasaray Istanbul from 2008. Before moving to Turkey he shortly played with Lyon.


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