Free kick specialists – The Past

A well taken free kick, and the football gliding beyond all the obstacles into the back of the net,  is one of the most beautiful sights in the beautiful game.

The history of football is enriched with some really gifted free kick takers. The ability to consistently score from free kicks, is often considered as a rare and precious gift. A free kick goal cheers the crowd and the scorer alike, which shows how special this art is. There have been some really gifted footballers who mastered this art and inspired youngsters. Every young footballer tries this skill on the ground and dreams of doing it like his idol. Although it looks easy, but, it’s just the opposite when you try doing it during an actual game.

Past: The greatest free kick takers of the past include some very popular legends, who are known for their mesmerizing skills. They were popular for lighting up the stadiums with their brilliance. But, some of them possessed the great ability of being great free kick takers. They scored some really spectacular goals, with their beautifully controlled and directed shots. Some of the legendary free-kick specialists in the order of their ranking (my opinion).

1 – Zico – The ‘Original free-kick specialist’. He was the best free kick taker from the past (if we exclude Juninho). He proved that a good free kick is all about the placement, rather than power. His brilliant control over the ball was unbelievably spectacular. It was as good as, placing the ball in the back of the net with your hands. He is the true free-kick legend.

2 – Michel Platini – Arguably, the greatest French player of all time. He was renowned for his brilliant ability from free kicks. He scored some crucial goals for France and Juventus from free kicks. He ensured World Cup qualification for France against Holland in 1984, by scoring from a great free kick.
3 – Diego Maradona – The greatest player of all time (my opinion), was also famous for his free kicks. He used a great technique of gently driving the ball into the net over the wall. He made it look so easy and beautiful. He scored consistently from the free kicks for his country and club, at crucial moments.
4 – Roberto Carlos – The Brazilian defender was famous for his bullet free kicks. He used to launch an extremely powerful shot towards the goal, which is not easy to stop for any goalkeeper. Though, he was not consistent but, his unique technique earns him a mention.

5 – Juan Roman Riquelme – The amazing Argentine midfielder, was also great at taking free kicks. He scored some important free kick goals to provide his team an advantage over the rival. Though, not remembered as one of the greatest free kick takers, he was good at it and scored some spectacular goals from free kicks.

(Coming up : Free kick Specialists – Present and Future.)


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