Andrey Arshavin : I love you man!

Andrei Arshavin celebrating his 4th goal vs Liverpool at Anfield

Andrei Arshavin’s career at Arsenal has taken a steep dip but there are some moments of genius which he has displayed effectively in big matches against big teams. That debut goal which he scored against Blackburn was certainly a treat to watch and gives an indication to just how much talent the Russian play-maker has. And who can forget the four delightful goals he scored at Anfield or that tracer bullet against Manchester United but there is this one goal he scored against Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions league match which Arsenal went on to win 2-1 which makes me say : Arshavin – I love you man!

Pep Guardiola on the left with Arsene Wenger on the right

There are some moments in the life of a Gooner where the only thing you can do is give a standing ovation until your hands and feet hurt, then stay up all night to digest an unforgettable night of football. From the minute Wenger unbuttoned his puffer jacket with such dynamism in the opening seconds, you knew it was one of those nights and the battle was on.

Andrei Arshavin coming of the bench and scoring against Barcelona

In the 83rd minute of the match, that Gooner moment came and what a moment it was. I have memorized it vibrantly. Quick feet from Wilshere, then a magnificent pass off the outside of Fabregas’s right foot which carried the ball into Na$ri’s march and he brought the ball into the box where a mad dash by someone whose name I forgot pulled out Abidal and then Na$ri sent the ball into a speeding ARRRRSSSSSSHHHHAAAAAAAAVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN!!!


The little Russian dynamite had exploded. The well-known roof took off. The intuitive untreated surplus from Paris, Wembley and the Camp Nou was liberated and the whole stadium went gaga. Everyone went wild. It was nuts. I was jumping up and down and screaming like a lunatic. We went on to win 2-1.

There are not a lot of teams that will defeat this Barcelona team. We certainly did and it was with the most sugary one-two that you could envisage. And that was merely the commencement. Even Pat Rice absolutely lost it and went berserk running through the camera with his arms in the air like his legs are on fire and Szczesny was on his knees pumping his fists. Incredible night. Unbelievable Arsenal.

Arshavin celebrating his goal

Thank you, Andrei.


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