Tweets of the week (11th March – 18th March)

 Nick Powell (r)

Nick Powell (r)

The hype that Nick Powell created for his transfer to United wasn’t worth it. He is a good player having scored one goal from his two games, but with players like Giggs and Valencia in the squad, he doesn’t have a chance.

Arsenal continue their trophy drought. Wenger’s men did manage to get end Bayern’s unbeaten streak but that wasn’t enough for a quarter final place in the Champion’s League. As cheeky at it may be, the tweet had some sense of humor.

The Australian Cricket Board had asked the team to submit a seminar. Shane Watson failed to do his “homework” and was punished.

When Aaron Ramsey passed the ball to Gervinho, Gunners all over the world would have expected him to miss the goal. But to everyone’s surprise, he put it at the back of the net and sealed the game in Arsenal’s favor.

Shikhar Dhawan scores 100 from just 85 balls on debut. The SunRisers Hyderabad player went on to score 187.

What? Stone Cold Steve Austin doing what he does best. That’s one crazy warm-up regime.


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